Our Mission

To create a worldwide network of Podstels that give travellers and locals the opportunity to share, belong and grow together.

What is Podstel?

We believe that travel is one of the best paths to personal growth and a better world for everyone.

At Podstel, we create a close connection between travellers and locals alike by organising workshops, events and retreats aligned with our vision of belonging and growth.

Podstel is a home for travellers and locals alike to share, belong and grow together.

To help people feel comfortable, we take care of the fundamentals first: comfy beds, secure storage, hot showers & strong wifi.

But a feeling of home doesn’t just come from meeting physical (and wifi) needs… it’s the people that really make a house into a home.

A Podstel has space for 20 to 40 people to sleep: We keep it small enough so a genuine feeling of family and community can flourish during events, workshops, or even when you’re just chilling together in the communal area.

What makes Podstel different?

At Podstel, we understand the potential inside every human to excel and contribute their gift to the world.

In order to grow properly, a seed needs to be in the right place at the right time, and sometimes looked after and helped out with some water when times are tough. In the wrong environment, a seed from even the most powerful Banyan tree will waste its potential and never grow to full size.

We’re no different.

Belonging and Growth in the right environment are just as important for people, and that’s why they’re our #1 priority here at Podstel.

Belonging - By offering both guests and locals a well-organised, accessible and welcoming platform to share their stories, passions and skills with the entire community, we make sure everyone has a place to contribute and make a difference.

Growth - Through attending workshops and events, or just relaxing at Podstel and meeting interesting people with completely different backgrounds, passions and professions, there are always multiple opportunities to learn and grow from others. If you’re already full of insights and ideas, take the time to develop them in the inspiring environment we foster.

Meet The Team

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