“This is your life, and it’s ending one minute at a time.” – Chuck Palahniuk

Today was different. I expected the usual strenuous run around the block, but no, routine gave way to something profoundly spectacular which was right there for everyone else to witness too. I looked up at the vast midnight sky to notice just one little star shining so much more brightly than every other star. At first glance, it made me realise how insignificant I was. Little me, living out my life amongst 7bn other people in this crazy world. But then I looked again. That one star was so different to the rest of the stars. As I starred on, I started to appreciate how precious it is to just be alive.

Ever thought about yourself like this…? We’re all a BIG unique bag of experiences. We are the sum of hundreds and thousands of little moments that have made up what we call our lives. The good. The bad. The ugly. The lot. Every single one of these building block experiences has shaped us in some way or another. What’s even more beautiful is that absolutely nobody, ever, will be able to replicate ANY of our experiences. Those exact circumstances will never ever happen again. The sun will set differently. The waves will break further down the beach. The birds will hum at a different hour. The wind will fly by a different direction. Your experiences are yours to keep, and they can never be taken away from you.

But here’s my million dollar question to you:

Do you make a conscious effort to put yourself out there and seek those truly great experiences that are worth remembering?

If not… I urge you to get out there NOW.

So many people squander and undervalue the importance of time. It’s not in abundance my friend; in fact it’s very scarce indeed. It’ doesn’t just “come and go” like money does. Once it’s gone, that’s it.

You need to notice NOW that it’s unrealistic and also time wasted to wishfully wait for the right circumstances to blossom – they never will. Years will pass by and BAM the opportunity will seize to exist. Right now is as good as any other time.

You’ve got to accept there’s no shortcut here. You have to be proactive, make the jump, go for it and put yourself out there. You’ve got to feel uncomfortable and step beyond old boundaries. Of course, what’s never been tested before is foreign and may scare you. Embrace it. It will NEVER feel completely right. I assure you though, you’ll look back in weeks, maybe months or even years, laugh, and wonder what all the fuss was about.

And Once You’ve Put Yourself Out There…

Capture and love the moments that take your breath away. To do this you need to stretch beyond just wondering. You need to climb the hill and see for yourself what’s over the other side. Once you’re over the other side, you’ll realise how rich experiences can be.

To help you with this, a nice analogy I like to use is to see your comfort zone as an elastic band. The more you stretch it, the more you can grow and experience the great things in life. I, for one, can vouch that the truly memorable experiences come much more often when you make a pact to stretch your comfort zone.

But remember… once you’re out there don’t get trapped by other people’s thinking. Be yourself. Think for yourself. Create your own unique journey. Don’t try to live out other people’s experiences. Genuine fulfilment will flow naturally by pursuing what you truly want.

By getting out there you’ll:

  • Realise everyone you meet is living with some degree of fear.
  • Realise the universe rewards those brave few.
  • Learn to become independent and start thinking for yourself.
  • Extend your bounds and unravel opportunities beyond anything that you have ever envisaged.
  • Begin doing the unthinkable.
  • Banish monotony and no longer settle for the status quo.
  • Realise intuition is rarely wrong – trust it.
  • Realise the best things in life cannot be touched; they are felt.
  • Realise there’s no predetermined route to follow or way that life should pan out.
  • Realise there is end to your ability to learn about life and that meeting people opens you up to new possibilities, new realms and new perspectives.

I’m afraid to say hitting autopilot mode and living a conservative life isn’t going to cut it. The one that merely exists will always ponder about what could’ve been and we all know regret is painful. Please don’t live your life so cautiously that you end up winding up like a newborn bird that never leaves its nest. Get out there, collect and cherish all those moments worth remembering.

I want to end by taking it back to the realisation I had when I looked up and marvelled at the midnight sky the night I was pulled out of routine. And here’s the realisation… You have two options:  In this crazy world you can merely exist and plod along like one of the billion ordinary stars out there or you can be remembered for something great by shining so much more brightly like that outlying star. The choice is yours.


Daniel Beaumont, on behalf of Podstel.


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