“Do one thing every day that scares you.” – Anonymous

My Courageous Decision

 I recently made a life changing and courageous decision to quit my job in the city, turning my back on the corporate rat race to join Team Podstel.

But why…

  • To turn my passions into a career; and
  • To live out my wildest dreams

What is Podstel and its Purpose

Podstel is a business built on the road by a group of young, passionate and entrepreneurial-minded individuals who share similar views on life.

We have a vision of opening the First Ever CrowdSourced Hostel in Berlin, Germany.

Podstel’s Hostel won’t just be a standard and forgettable hostel like many others I’ve visited. In fact, it’s going to be a hostel with a difference.

It’s a place designed by the community, where weary travellers can rest, while inspiring and empowering more people to follow their passions in life. We believe this can be fuelled by experiences and lessons learned travelling and through future Podstel lifestyle events, Podventures and workshops.

But how…

Podstel is currently being developed on the road.

We are on a journey to Berlin adventuring through Europe following our passions, networking, and gaining even more hostel experience, while building a skilled team.

We aim to run a Crowd Funding campaign this summer asking for help to get this ambitious, one of a kind but truly exciting project off the ground.

Pretty awesome right!

Isn’t life all about the challenge?

Everyone has the chance to follow their passions in life but sometimes those chances pass by without us ever realising.

You can quickly find yourself following the wrong path and once on that path it can seem impossible to change.

What my courageous decision has done for me? 

So a month ago I was sat in an office doing a normal 9-5 job following the same routine week after week, which mainly included praying for the weekend to come.

While working I found myself asking the same questions:

  • Is it possible to change career paths and find a job I enjoy?
  • Is there a parallel universe out there where work is as enjoyable as the weekends?
  • Is there a difference between living and existing?

Obviously I know some people in life have found their dream job but frustratingly I wasn’t one of them. I felt resentment and regret for many years. For a long time, I waited for change, hoping that everything would correct itself but of course it never did.

The resentment and regret grew and grew, and this realisation hit me like a Mike Tyson right hook!

I realised it was my responsibility. It’s down to me to become courageous and take action. It’s down to me to grab life by the balls and change paths. It’s down to me to change focus and only concentrate on what I’m passionate about.

Where Podstel can help?

Podstel’s aim is to become the platform for people who want to make that courageous decision; a decision to take control and follow their own direction.

We want to help build confidence, share experiences and assist with those big and overwhelming decisions.

We know that every courageous decision becomes easier with a little bit of help.

Through experience, I know that just asking for help can be the toughest obstacle to overcome.

However, having the courage to ask can become the catalyst for a lifetime of freedom and enjoyment.

It’s working for me so far.

Just one month later, I find myself sitting in a picturesque café in the beautiful town of Ioaninna, Greece. I’m currently surrounded by lakes and snow covered mountains sipping on a cappuccino while working on my creative passions – writing, video editing, business building. This is all underpinned by my biggest passion in life – travel.

Speaking from the heart, I can honestly say, that right now, I’m living the kind of life I always dreamed of.

Life is about living not existing.

I have found the right path and I’m happy.

You can too if you are willing to find the courage to face your fears.

Jason Pocock, on behalf of Team Podstel, 24th Feb 2015