We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light – Plato

Countless people submit to a life of fear. From that submission comes a life that spirals outward into an experience of disease, anxiety, unfulfillment, war and further tragedy.

So many grow old, look back on the past and see with disappointment and regret all the paths they wish they would have taken, all the possibilities of awesome experiences neglected, turned away from, and lost forever. Shying away from the unknown brings to individuals some security, but mostly, remorse.

Here are 5 passages of truth and encouragement to help overcome and embrace your fears for the exuberance life was meant to be. Afterwards, I hope that you will see that what we should fear most is the act of fearing itself

1. It is Always Now.

How are you doing right now? Probably ok since you are on a computer, using the extraordinary internet, breathing, seeing, and more or less at peace. Now look to the past; to times of worry and negative thinking and what-if pondering and ask yourself, “What was all that for?” Did that fear help you or did it hinder you? How much better would your life be if you wouldn’t have bothered with the time spent in pointless fear and replaced that time with something else: exercise, meditation, research, asking for help, and/or skill building? You would have gained so much more! But not to worry (about worrying), as I always say, you are always in the perfect place at the perfect time, for it is always Now. Read on.

2. What’s out there in the Unknown?

Are you afraid of the dark? How many monsters have you found when you turned on the light? Our minds are powerful and they can get us to believe anything, whether it be good or bad. We put into the dark only what comes from of our imagination, the same applies for all unknowns, because anything could be out there. More often then not, the truth of what is hidden is more of a pleasant surprise, or not a surprise at all, so walk with confidence into the dark and shine your light. Explore!

3. Change is scary, but also a Constant.

Fast change can be naturally scary because there is always room for error; we slip, we fall, we get hurt, we feel pain. But who said change has to be fast? It is proven in science to be constant, but the speed of the change often, if not always, completely depends on the pace you set it at. If you find an area of your life that feels negative, change it! Even just a little; a small slow step towards the unknown is always better then staying in the familiar unfavorable. The choice is truly, choose change or have change choose you.

 4. You used to suck at Everything; look at You Now.

When you were first born, you couldn’t walk, you couldn’t talk, you couldn’t even feed yourself or discard your excrement in the proper receptacle. You pooped in your pants literally hundreds of times but you didn’t give up. You fell down countless times but you kept getting up. What happened? Did society convince you that there is such a thing as failure? Let me inform you, the only way you would or could fail is if you gave up. And you didn’t, so why stop at walking, when you can run, swim and fly in so many ways for so many days. Your loved ones were there to encourage you then, your loved ones will be here to encourage you now.

5. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

This was one that stuck with me as a kid. Ironically I learned it from the villain Zorg (Gary Oldman) from ‘The Fifth Element’. And that doubles this point. You can learn from anyone, be it hero or villain. Something’s make you feel pain, some pleasure, but all are learning experiences and all are good because you’re feeling it. If you weren’t feeling then you’d be dead or on your way to the grave. So feel it up.

Get out there and take risks, you may fall a hundred times, just make sure you get up a hundred and one times. Go at a pace that you can handle, learn from your errors and I promise you, you will follow the path less traveled and it will make all the difference.

Now go conquer the universe; we’re all rooting for you.

Posted by Jesse Heart, on behalf of Team Podstel, 18th Feb 2015.