4 years. 4 continents. 38 countries. 50,000km.

A dream to set up a hostel with a difference.

The Podstel concept was created almost 4 years ago when Daniel and Sam decided to embark on an epic world adventure with a big dream to open a hostel with a difference at the end of their trip.

Their journey started in 2012 when they booked a one-way ticket to Australia. A couple of weeks later, they found themselves in the outback looking for backpacker work to fund their travels. For the next 12 month’s they grinded out long hours in the intense heat shovelling grain, making wine, planting vegetables, washing trucks and doing whatever work they could to fund their world adventure.


After a successful year saving and planning in the outback, including an inspirational hostel trip down the East coast, Podstel was born.

Daniel and Sam spent the next 3 years travelling across 38 countries on 4 continents. They lived incredibly resourcefully, spending on average €5 a day, hitchhiking their way across Asia, Europe, and North America while visiting hostels, and building the Podstel concept from the road.


Some of their memorable journeys include: trekking to 5400m in the Himalayas, motorbiking 3,000km’s across Vietnam, hitchhiking 7,000km across Europe and 20,000km’s across Canada and America.

Throughout their journey their passion for travel and hospitality blossomed and they became determined to understand what made a great hostel.


They worked at and stayed in hundreds of hostels, filled dozens of notepads with ideas and feedback from 1000s of backpackers, developed a compelling vision and ideology, and inspired many people they met to travel by sharing their story and building a tight-knitted community around Podstel.

After many transformative and memorable experiences, they have secured €100,000 in investment and are now based in Leipzig, Germany planning their next steps and searching for partners and a building/location for the first Podstel.

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