Podstel says здраво to Serbia as group of 6 British backpacker-entrepreneurs arrive on journey across Europe to start hostel business.

Set to open its doors in Berlin, Germany in early 2016 and with a focus on inspiring and empowering guests to follow and achieve their dreams, Podstel certainly is a backpacker’s hostel chain with a twist!

Podstel was started on the road by a group of six British entrepreneurial globetrotters, who have each turned their backs on conventional lifestyle and career paths.

The logistics of starting a business whilst crossing an entire continent is seemingly not something which phases this hardy team of travel experts. Daniel Beaumont, the Founder of Podstel sums up this sentiment perfectly, “we’ve already carried Podstel in our backpacks across 4 continents and 25 countries. We love the challenge, excitement and opportunities that starting a business on the road brings us each and every day!”

So, beginning in Greece in January 2015, Team Podstel are currently undertaking an epic voyage across Europe by alternative travel methods towards Berlin, to open the first Podstel hostel. They have already touched down in Belgrade and here is the lowdown on what this band of British backpackers will be getting up to while they’re in town.


“We are so excited about Serbia!” enthuse the Team and with the fantastic itinerary they’ve got lined up, it’s easy to see why.

Podstel really wants to promote Serbia as a number one destination to all its future guests, so to strengthen links, the Team have teamed up with Travel Time Collection and iBikeBelgrade to cycle an immense 365 km loop across Vogvodina from Belgrade towards Novi Sad via Sremski Karlovci and Fruska Gora, then back to Belgrade via Erdevik, Karadjordjevo, Sremska Mitrovica, Zasavica and Obedska Bara.

During this week-long expedition, the Team will be completing a Bucket List of Serbia which will include cool things to try, interesting places to go to and a delicious array of Serbian cuisine to sample. Jason Pocock, who left his corporate job in London to join Podstel, notes, “we’re really grateful for all the help we’ve received here because undoubtedly, we are set to experience the best of what Serbia has to offer, in a novel way”.

Angela Neary, who has explored 5 continents since graduating from university in 2012, makes it clear that everyone’s invited. “We want to meet local people and learn more about you and your wonderful country, so why not join us for part of the journey? Get in touch!”

But starting a business on the road means it can’t all be action and adventure. Sam Cooper, the Team’s graphic design and video expert points out, “it’s so important to get as much practical experience running a hostel as possible” so the Team have also teamed up with Trip & Sleep Hostel in Belgrade, where they will be organising a range of fun activities for the guests, including cycle tours, hiking, fancy dress, alternative city tours, quiz and karaoke nights.


Podstel is a hostel legacy that inspires travellers to share, experience and connect. With a vision to “empower more people to do what they love, as often as possible, while travelling and experiencing much more of our beautiful world”, you may have realised already that Podstel isn’t really like other hostels.

Here’s how:

  1. CrowdSourced

Podstel is a hostel built by travellers, for travellers. Their unique and innovative emphasis on gathering, channelling and harnessing the invaluable support, ideas and expertise of their network means that Podstel will be the world’s first ever CrowdSourced Hostel.

  1. Helping people to grow through travel

Podstel wants to inspire guests to live their dreams and realise their potential. Through hostel-based workshops, adventures and events, visitors from far and wide will have the freedom and opportunity to learn, teach and explore new horizons, while they travel.

  1. Pod Capsules

Podstel’s next generation Japanese Pod Capsules in their dorm rooms give guests all the space they need, while still complimenting the community atmosphere. So it’s time to kiss goodbye to wobbly metal bunks, lack of storage space and having to navigate an obstacle course just to get into bed.


The Team are definitely positive, “we are majorly inspired by the overwhelming support, kindness and positivity which we have received here in Serbia and we can say with certainty that Podstel’s future is a bright one.”

In order to raise money to open Podstel, the Team will be launching a CrowdFunding campaign in September 2015 via www.indiegogo.com, so that they can offer their supporters a one-off opportunity to be part of establishing Podstel’s legacy.

In return for donations, backers can expect to receive loads of amazing gifts and experiences, such as getting their name up on the Podstel Wall of Fame, a personalised eBook written by the Team filled with inspirational travel tips and tickets to the VIP Grand Opening party.

Feel inspired? Then get in touch and get involved!

Email danbeau@podstellife.com.

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