Here we go again – Podstel’s biggest adventure to date. This time we’re heading across the Atlantic Ocean to spread the Podstel word through North American. I’m set to land in Montreal, Canada on May 7th with just a couple of bags, a GoPro and my lucky Yellow Bert hat from Nepal. My intention is to hitchhike the length of both Canada and USA over an 8-month period. Apart from the wedding of two lovely people I met on my travels, I’ve purposely not planned much to make sure I don’t restrict spontaneity. This time I want my journey to be dictated by the people I meet along the way, rather than bobbing about from place to place to see the attractions and check off a rigid itinerary.

In the last 2-years, I’ve only spent 2 months travelling on my own. I’ve had the comfort and security of best mates and travel buddies to bounce off and pick me up the minute any awkward situation came about.

This time it’s different… this time I’m going alone.

I want to throw myself in. I want to meet people of all different ages and backgrounds and share great experiences with them. I want to grow by making a conscious effort to run away from my comfort zone. And the only way to achieve this is to chase the things that frighten me. You may ask… are you worried Daniel? And I’d respond… SHIT YEH…  But let me factor in all the excitement and it all balances out.

I’ll be using a mixture of hitching, CouchSurfing and WWOOFING to get by. I’ll have to learn to hustle and haggle to make things work out. Some nights I might be slumming it on my own in a park; other nights I might fall on my feet with something a bit more luxurious – I just don’t know. And yes, there will be those down days but I know that the majority will be awesome. The real beauty in all of this is that I wouldn’t be able to tell you where I’m going to be this time next week. And to me, that’s the sign of a great adventure.

I’ll be working on and pitching the Podstel Project as I go. I want to recruit a small army of inspiring individuals that want to collaborate to make Podstel happen. I’ll be reaching out to people and asking them to contribute their fresh perspectives, ideas and inspiration for the first-ever crowdsourced Podstel Hostel, which I’ll be starting in 2015.

For followers around the world, join the crowd and contribute your own unique ideas in our Forum on Here you’ll also be able to keep track of Podstel’s North American journey. I’ll be documenting all the shenanigans in the form of videos and blogs, as well as posting regular content that will inspire you to travel.

Life is there to grab them moments that take your breath away. So here it goes… LET THE ADVENTURES BEGIN.

I’ll post again soon to let you all know about my first impressions of Canada – see you on the other side.

Dan Beaumont, on behalf of Podstel, 6th May 2014.