During 2015/16 we hitchhiked 6,500km across 12 European countries volunteering and working at hostels along the way. At the end of the trip, we decided to set up base in Leipzig, Germany to plan, raise finance and find a suitable location for the first Podstel.


  • Raise awareness about Podstel, refine our concept and evaluate the backpacker market in Europe.
  • Learn more about hostels by volunteering in different countries.
  • Secure finances for the first Podstel.
  • Attend travel conferences, events and create connections with travel industry experts.


In January 2015, Sam and I embarked on a 6-month journey hitchhiking 12 European countries living on less than €8 a day. We started in Athens, Greece and hitchhiked 6,500km north towards Germany, passing through Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria.

During our time travelling across Europe, we worked on the Podstel concept from cafes, beaches, parks, tents, car parks and even the roadside while hitchhiking.


We also volunteered and gained valuable experience working at different hostels in Albania, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia.

In June 2015, we arrived in Leipzig, Germany and decided to use this Central European location as a base to finalise our plans, secure finances and find a suitable location for the first Podstel.


Our planning phase is now completed and we managed to raise €100,000 in investment for the first Podstel but have yet to find a suitable location/building.

We’re currently looking for suitable partners and/or opportunities to take over an existing hostel.