A 12-month adventure in the Australian outback travelling, working and conceptualising the Podstel concept.


  • To combine travel and work to save up for a world adventure across 38 countries to work out what made a great hostel.
  • To seek adventure, new experiences, meet inspiring individuals, and grow our passion for travel and hospitality.


The Podstel story began in September 2012 when we (Dan Beaumont and Sam Cooper) booked a one-way flight to Australia in search of work, adventure and challenge.

After a couple of weeks searching for a job, we managed to find temporary seasonal work at a grain company in the Outback. This job led to a chain of backpacker jobs such as making wine, planting vegetables, and washing trucks, which allowed us to save for our world adventure.


After 12 months of intense heat and long hours working, we bought an old car an old car and set out on a road trip down the East Coast to assess the Australian hostel scene.

We had some fascinating experiences in the 30+ hostels we stayed in. The experience confirmed once again that one day we’d love to own our own hostel.


After a memorable 27,000km road trip, we decided that we would use the money we’d saved working to embark on a world adventure to work out what made a great hostel.

After a few long but rewarding brainstorming sessions, we came up with a name for the project and a preliminary plan for their world trip.


We decided that “Podstel” would be the name of our future hostel project because of our fascination with Japanese pod capsules.

We now had an ambitious plan in place. We would travel 38 countries, discovering what made a great hostel on 4 different continents: Australia, Asia, Europe and North America.