A 6-month, 10,000km journey across 7 Asian countries to research the backpacker industry, gather feedback from travellers and learn about running our own hostel.


  • To develop the Podstel concept by collecting traveller's opinions and feedback about hostels as we backpacked across Asia.
  • To learn about the logistics of hospitality and opening a hostel.


We knew that we it would be useful to diversify our hostel experience by immersing ourselves in several completely different cultures.

With a thriving travel scene, South East Asia seemed like the obvious choice and a great starting point to work out what makes a great hostel.


We travelled to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Loas, and finally Nepal. 

It turned out that we learnt in style, motorbiking 3,000km’s across Vietnam on $200 motorbikes while evaluating hostels and hotels we stayed at along the way. We also spent time interviewing backpacker’s from all over the world, asking them what they wanted to see in the first Podstel.


Asia turned out to be a fantastic trip. Many of the people we interviewed helped shaped a lot of the ideology and values that still exist for Podstel today.

Finally, we also launched our website,, which served as a platform to document our story and keep all the people we’d met up to date with Podstel’s progress.